New Fic: Till A’ the Seas Gang Dry (December 1957) (Albus/Minerva; NC-17)

Till_All_the_Seas_cover_wpfeaturedI’ve posted  the first chapter of a new fic, Till A’ the Seas Gang Dry (December 1957).

This will be a short, multi-chaptered fic that follows Albus and Minerva through a brief honeymoon in Muggle Italy. It takes place just after Chapter 54 of Epithalamium, but it isn’t necessary to have read that story to enjoy this one.

It’s dedicated to my friend and cheerleader, “Fishy” (“JustFishy” on FFN), and it’s going to be light, fluffy (for a change!), and lemony. Just the thing for a rainy evening, I hope.

Title: Till A’ the Seas Gang Dry (December 1957)
Characters: Minerva McGonagall/Albus Dumbledore
Summary: Minerva and Albus enjoy a short holiday in Muggle Italy.
Rating: NC-17


“Well, I have something that’s not a book,” said Katherine, dropping a square package in Minerva’s lap. “It’s really for both of you,” she said to Albus, “but I think Minerva should open it.”

Minerva looked at Albus, who nodded, and undid the ribbon and opened the box. When she withdrew the contents, she felt her face heat up.

“What is it?” asked her father, leaning over to see.

“I don’t think you want to know, Da,” replied Minerva. She looked over at Albus, whose eyebrows had shot up at least two inches.

“Come on, what is it?” asked Einar.

Minerva sighed and held up the item for his inspection. It was a very sheer, black négligée with a deep slit on one side.

“It’s for your honeymoon,” said Katherine. “Einar and I quite enjoyed something like it on ours, so I thought I’d give you one.”

Despite her embarrassment, Minerva laughed when she saw her brother’s face fall into his hands. When she looked around the room, she saw that her father was shifting uncomfortably in his seat and Albus’s face had taken on a distinctly pink hue. Her grandmother, however, got up and marched over, taking the item from Minerva’s hands.

“There isn’t much to it,” said Morna, holding up the négligée, “but it looks a wee bit more comfortable than what I wore on my wedding night. My nightdress had a million tiny buttons. It took poor Jamie half an hour to get me out of the thing . . .”

Read it at FFN|Read it at TPP


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