A Slant-Told Tale Chapter 31 Posted

A_SlantTold_Tale_cover_sidebarChapter Thirty-One of A Slant-Told Tale is now up on An Archive of Our Own,, The Petulant Poetess, and Wattpad.

Alastor is on a mission with newly-minted Auror, Gawain Robards. He gets a shock and reacts very badly indeed.

The chapter is rated PG-13, and features Alastor and Gawain Robards.


An hour and two more Watney’s later, Alastor was almost ready to pack it in. No one else had come in, and it would start to look suspicious if he and Robards stayed much longer. Besides, Alastor wasn’t entirely convinced that Robards could take much more to drink without getting pissed, which would make him a liability if anything were actually to happen. Alastor was about to signal to the young man that it was time to go, when he heard the door open again.

He saw Robards’s eyes narrow as he looked at the newcomer, and Alastor’s hand tensed but didn’t move from the table. The man walked over to the bar, and as he did, Alastor thought he felt the slight thrum of magic as he went past. He caught Robards’s eye and winked, which was the signal to stay ready. Robards’s hand went to his side, and Alastor swivelled around in his chair. The man was talking quietly to the barkeep, leaning slightly on the bar. He was in a Muggle suit, which pricked up Alastor’s suspicions even further. This was a workingman’s bar, and in the three days he’d sussed it out, he’d never once seen a toff come in.


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