New Fic: Comme Un Rêve de Pierre (Bill/Stan; NC-17)

Commme_un_Reve_cover_wpfeaturedI wrote two fics for this year’s HP Humpdrabbles Hump Fest on LiveJournal. The first, “Comme Un Rêve de Pierre” was a gift for wwmrsweasleydo, who supplied the prompt: Secrets, infidelities, betrayals, substitutes, overwhelming passions, past secret liaisons, questionable paternity, Dark magic, taboos, magical objects, rivalries, redemption, rehabilitation, grieving, moving on, reuniting.

Title: Comme Un Rêve de Pierre
Characters: Bill Weasley/Stan Shunpike
Summary: Stan looked at him. And that was as good as any sex Bill had ever had.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1,477


He used to be the handsome Weasley. Birds and blokes liked him on sight, and no one had been surprised that he’d been the one to nab the half-Veela.

But whenever they’re together in public now, he can feel people’s eyes sliding reluctantly over to him after they’ve had their breath taken away by Fleur’s beauty. Then their breath hitches again, but they recover and speak, always to him—he isn’t intimidating—but not really looking at him, and sometimes he wonders if he’s got latent Legilimency skills, because he can almost hear them wondering why she stays with him.

Beauty and the Beast, they think.

Read it at AO3|Download it from Feedbooks


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