A Slant-Told Tale Chapter 32 Posted

A_SlantTold_Tale_cover_sidebarI’ve just posted Chapter Thirty-Two of A Slant-Told Tale on An Archive of Our Own,, The Petulant Poetess, and Wattpad.

The relationship between Minerva and Alastor has frayed to its breaking point. We see Alastor in the aftermath, and it isn’t pretty.

The chapter is rated PG-13, and features Minerva, Alastor, and Kingsley Shacklebolt, with cameos by Fabian and Gideon Prewett, and Molly Weasley.


When Alastor looked back, Molly was gone. His eyes shifted back to Minerva. She had seen him, and it seemed as if she was going to come over. He took a step toward her, then saw Dumbledore put a hand on her arm. She turned back to the old man, and he bent down to say something to her. She nodded and opened her notebook to make a note. When she closed it and took off her glasses, her eyes found Alastor again, but by then Edgar Bones had gone up to her, and she turned to speak to him. He said something, and she laughed—one of her genuine laughs, Alastor could tell—and she said something that made him laugh in turn.

Alastor just stood there, feeling like a firstie at a Hogwarts ball.

To hell with it.

She didn’t want to speak to him. Why would she? He’d hurt her, and she’d left him. He should let her get on with it.

He fled before he could change his mind.

And once he was outside, all he wanted to do was go back in and find Minerva . . . apologise for the things he’d said, ask her to come back to the flat so they could talk, and finish the day in bed, worshipping every inch of her.

But no. That was for someone else now. Someone who wasn’t a washed-up drunkard with a mug like a shattered mirror.


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