A Slant-Told Tale Updated: Chapter 33

A_SlantTold_Tale_cover_sidebar Chapter Thirty-Three of A Slant-Told Tale is up on An Archive of Our Own,, The Petulant Poetess, and Wattpad.

It’s June 1977, and Alastor is assigned to protect the Muggle Queen as she makes her Silver Jubilee procession through London–bad things happen. Malcolm Macnair comes home to visit his mother. They have dinner with Albus and talk about Alastor.

The chapter is rated PG-13 for violence. It features Alastor, Minerva, Malcolm, and Albus, with an appearance by Hagrid.


Alastor’s sense of Something Not Quite Right had been nudging him all afternoon.

He’d tried to tell the field team leader—that was a laugh!—about it, but Grimsley didn’t want to hear it. Promoted to Senior Auror three years previously, during Alastor’s enforced leave, Willard Grimsley took his charge to “supervise” Moody particularly seriously.

Why the hell couldn’t it have been Scrimgeour? At least he was half-way competent, as humiliating it would be to have an Academy training-mate as his supervisor.

But no. He’d got Grimsley. Who patronised Moody with an “I’ll take that under advisement” when Alastor had alerted him that he thought something was off about the job.

Problem was, Alastor couldn’t put his finger on it, couldn’t articulate it. It was just odd that the Muggles had requested magical security. Normally, they wanted nothing to do with the Ministry of Magic, or so Alastor had always heard. He’d certainly never been deployed at their request before.

He looked up and down the street again. The barricades were in place, the Muggle police were patrolling, and the crowds seemed excited but controlled. There was no sign of magical activity.

Of course, nobody in MLE really believed the DEs would bother with disrupting a Muggle event. Baiting individual Muggles, that was more in their line. Which was why the office had only dispatched four Aurors to monitor the procession, despite the pleas from Parkinson, the poor sod assigned to liaise with the Muggle Ministry.


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