A Slant-Told Tale Chapter 34: Alastor Wakes

A_SlantTold_Tale_cover_sidebar Chapter Thirty-Four of A Slant-Told Tale is up on An Archive of Our Own,, The Petulant Poetess, and Wattpad.

Alastor wakes from his coma to find his life drastically altered, and Minerva wants to help him. Malcolm is struggling to make an important decision.

The chapter is rated PG-13. It features Alastor, Minerva,  and Malcolm, with bonus original character.


Healer Spleen insisted that Alastor was still too weak to Apparate or Floo, so he and Malcolm had to take a Muggle taxi to Alastor’s flat. Alastor hoped to Christ that there were no Death Eaters watching the flat when Malcolm helped him out of the taxi and up the three steps to the door.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Malcolm said, “Mum and I couldn’t get past your wards, so Auror Shacklebolt let us in. We got in some food and tidied up a bit.”

Panic sliced through Alastor’s chest. Shacklebolt could always break through his wards, the only one who ever could. The man had a freakish talent for it. It used to be a game between them, but now it seemed sinister.

“You okay, Alastor?

“Yeah, fine. You and your mum were here?”

“Yes. Just to get things ready for you. She wanted to come today, but she had something she had to do. I told her I could manage.”

Alastor wondered if the “something” Minerva had to do was Order-related. Or maybe she’d taken the hints he’d dropped over the week and decided he wasn’t worth the effort anymore. That would be good.


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