Five HP Fanfic Fanpoll Awards

Awards, Fic, Shameless Self-Promotion

Imagine my reacting like this:

(I’d also appreciate it if you’d imagine me being this hot.)

Four of my fics won awards in five categories for the Spring/Summer round of the HP Fanfic Fanpoll Awards:

“When I Waked, I Cried to Dream Again” won 3rd place in Best Drama/Angst and second in Best Het Smut in the “Minerva McGonagall” category;

Epithalmium won second place in Best Romance in the “Minerva McGongall” category.

“Gin a Body Meet a Body” won second place in Best Legacy Story in the “Minerva McGonagall” category.

“Alone and Palely Loitering” won second place in Best Dark Story in the “Gen” category.

What’s really humbling is being in the company of great writers like Kelly Chambliss, Lash Larue, Miss Morland, MMADfan, Purplefluffycat, Pyttan, Songquake, Tetley the Second.

2 thoughts on “Five HP Fanfic Fanpoll Awards

  1. I thought it was great being in your company!

    I mentioned your FIVE glorious awards in my earlier post — I’ll update with a link to this post specifically, rather than just your blog in general.

    (And Halle Berry is absolutely gorgeous. As I’m sure you are also. Though few look as hot as she does in a Cat suit. 😉 )


    1. Congratulations to you, too, and thanks for the mention!

      I was so glad they had a legacy fic category this time; there are a lot of great stories (like RAM and Death’s Dominion) that were completed before this particular award thing was started, so it was nice to see them get some recognition.

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