About Me

So, I’m a writer.

Writing is both my living and my hobby, which basically means I’m poor and my arse is a bit wider than it has any right to be. People pay me to write non-fiction, and I hope someday people will pay to read my original fiction, but I’m not holding my breath. I have no plans to try to pull a Fifty Shades of Grey with my fanfiction; it’s purely for fun.

I fell in love with world of Harry Potter from the moment I opened the first novel in the series (at the suggestion of a Very Important Scholar and perhaps the smartest person I know, other than my father.) I began writing fanfiction only in 2010, and I haven’t looked back since.

The brilliant and flawed “Sage of Baltimore,” H. L. Menken, once wrote:

What are the hallmarks of a competent writer of fiction? The first, it seems to me, is that he should be immensely interested in human beings, and have an eye sharp enough to see into them, and a hand clever enough to draw them as they are. The second is that he should be able to set them in imaginary situations which display the contents of their psyches effectively, and so carry his reader swiftly and pleasantly from point to point of what is called a good story.

(The American Mercury, May 1933, p. 136)

I quite agree, and that’s what I try to do in my fiction.

I’m a proud member of the Harry Potter Old Lady Smut Brigade, which means I’m most interested in the older female characters in the Harry Potter saga. I love to write McGonagall. Rowling gave us just enough about her to intrigue me but left the juicy details to the reader’s (and fanfic writer’s!) imagination. I’m also quite fond of Amelia Bones, Pomona Sprout, Griselda Marchbanks, Bathlida Bagshot, Augusta Longbottom, and Petunia Dursley.

Most of my stories fit into the corners of canon (book canon, that is; I tend to ignore that Pottermore unpleasantness), and I’m most interested in reading stories that do the same.

If I had received my Hogwarts letter back in nineteen-mumble-mumble, I would most likely have been sorted into Ravenclaw, or so everyone tells me, probably because I’m a geeky data-freak (my Real Life™ requires me to read piles of medical journal articles.) I, however, think I’d feel right at home in Hufflepuff too, so I consider myself a Ravenpuff.

I live in California with a husband and two squiblets.


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