19th Century

Date Hogwarts Births Deaths Events
1836 Dexter Fortescue is Head
Heliotrope Wilkins is Deputy
James MacLaughlin born
1846 Percival Dumbledore born
1851 Kendra Morgan born
1852 Marcus McGonagall born
1858 Morna Urquart born
1859 Rona Guthrie born
1860 Heliotrope Wilkins made Head
Phineas Nigellus Black made Deputy
1868 Armando Dippet made Herbology master
1875 Percival Dumbledore marries Kendra Morgan
1878 Marcus McGonagall maries Rona Guthrie
1879 Thorfinn McGonagall born
Robert Edgar Bones born
1881 Albus Dumbledore born
1884 Aberforth Dumbledore born
1885 Ariana Dumbledore born
1887 James MacLaughlin marries Morna Urquart
1889 Phineas Nigellus Black made Head
Armando Dippet made Deputy
Albus Dumbledore beings lessons w/Bathilda Bagshot
1890 Thorfinn McGonagall sorted into Ravenclaw Aberforth Dumbledore beings lessons w/Bathilda Bagshot
1891 Ariana Dumbledore attacked by Muggles
Percival Dumbledore attacks Muggles, is sent to Azkaban
Dumbledore family moves to Godric’s Hollow
1892 Alfidia Soranus made matron
Albus Dumbledore sorted into Gryffindor
1895 Galatea Merrythought made DADA mistress
Filius Flitwick sorted into Ravenclaw
Aberforth Dumbledore sorted into Hufflepuff
1896 Morrigan MacLaughlin born
Elisabeth Cadwallader born
Albus begins working w/Nicolas Flamel
1898 Demetria Phalereus made librarian
1899 Ariana Dumbledore accidentally kills Kendra Dumbledore
Aiana Dumbledore accidentally killed by stray spell
Albus Dumbledore wins Barnabus Finkley Prize, finishes Hogwarts
Albus meets Gellert Grindelwald
Albus leaves for Continent

20th Century

Date Hogwarts Births Deaths Events
1904 Albus studies w/Transfiguration master Abélard Durant
1908 Morrigan MacLaughlin sorted into Gryffindor
1910 Herbert Burke made Charms master, Slytherin Head Griselda Marchbanks invites Albus to Oxford
1917 Albus leaves Oxford to work w/Nicolas Flamel
1918 Robert Edgar Bones marries Elisabeth Cadwallader
1920 Amelia Bones born
1922 Armando Dipped made Head
Galatea Merrythought made Deputy
Herbert Beery made Herbology master
Thorfinn McGonagall marries Morrigan MacLaughlin
1925 Galatea Merrythought made Ravenclaw Head Minerva McGonagall born
1926 Albus describes 12 uses of dragon’s blood
1927 Tom Riddle born
1928 Albus & Nicolas Flamel go to Asia
1929 Albus Dumbledore made Transfiguration master
Valentine Ogg made groundskeeper
Einar McGonagall born Morrigan McGonagall(née MacLaughlin) dies
1930 Horace Slughorn made Potions master
1931 Edgar Robert Bones born
1932 Amelia Bones sorted into Ravenclaw
1936 Silvanus Kettleburn made CoMC master
1937 Albus Dumbledore made Deputy & Gryffindor Head
Charity Burbage (Sr) made Muggle Studies mistress
Minerva McGonagall sorted into Gryffindor
1939 Perpetua Fancourt made Astronomy mistress & Hufflepuff Head
Tom Riddle sorted into Slytherin
1940 Robert Edgar Bones killed by werewolf
1939 Einar McGonagall & Alastor Moody sorted into Gryffindor
1942 Amelia Bones goes to Salem Witches’ Institute
1943 Apollyon Pringle made caretaker Einar McGonagall spends year at Beauxbatons
Tom Riddle opens Chamber of Secrets, makes 1st Horcrux (diary)
Minerva begins Animagus lessons
1944 Horace Slughorn made Slytherin Head Start of Dunbledore-McGonagall affair (January)
Albus breaks w/Minerva (June)
Albus begins search for Grindelwald
Minerva Begins Auror training
Tom Riddle steals Ravenclaw’s diadem, kills father & makes 2nd Horcrux (ring)
1945 Herbert Beery made Ravenclaw Head
Julian Meadowes made DADA master
Rubeus Hagrid made asst. groundskeeper
Albus defeats Grindelwald, is injured, assumed dead
Minerva & Amelia injured in the field
Albus returns to England
Minerva registers as Animagus
1946 Albus awarded Order of Merlin, 1st Class
Tom Riddle finishes Hogwarts, goes to work for Borgin & Burkes
Thorfinn McGonagall marries Elisabeth Bones (née Cadwallader)
1947 Elisabeth Bones-Mcgonagall (nèe Cadwallader) dies of cancer Albus elected to Wizengamot
Minerva & Amelia become 1st female Aurors
Amelia moves in w/Marlene McKinnon
Tom Riddle kills Hepzibah Smith, makes 2nd Horcrux (cup)
1948 Tom Riddle goes abroad
1949 Diophantus Lemmas made Arithmancy master Minerva leaves Aurors to study Transfiguration at Oxford
Albus elected rep. ot International Confederation
1951 Esmeralda Alliette made Divination mistress
1953 Irma Pince made librarian Minerva wins Merlin Prize
1954 Minerva is Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Salem Witches’ Institute
1955 Frida Thorsun made Ancient Runes Edgar Bones marries Evelyn Peakes
Einar McGonagall marries Katherine Roberts
1956 Albus Dumbledore made Head
Filius Flitwick made Deputy & Charms master
Diophantus Lemmas made Gryffindor Head
Minerva McGonagall made Transfiguration mistress
1957 Archie Sinclair made 1st Flying instructor Albus marries Minerva
1961 Pomona Sprout made Hufflepuff Head & Herbology mistress
Poppy Pomfrey made matron
Tom Riddle makes 5th Horcrux (locket)
1962 Robert Thorfinn Bones born
1963 Minerva McGonagall made Deputy
Filius Flitwick made Ravenclaw Head
1965 Rubeus Hagrid made groundskeeper
1967 Minerva delivers stillborn son, receives blood transfusion from Albus
Remus Lupin attacked by Greyback, becomes werewolf
1968 Charles Burbage made Muggle Studies master Albus elected Supreme Mugwump of Wizangamot & Chief Warlock of International Confederation
1973 Argus Filch made caretaker
1976 Rolanda Hooch made Flying instructor Albus founds 1st Order of the Phoenix
1977 Minerva McGonagall made Gryffindor Head
Septima Vector made Arithmancy mistress
Amelia Bones made Head of Auror Office
1978 Minerva kills Gordon Mulciber
Melchior Yaxley kills Thorfinn McGonagall
1980 Sybill Trelawney made Divination mistress
1981 Severus Snape made Slytherin Head & Potions master Marlene McKinnon, Edgar Robert Bones, Evelyn Bones & Edgar James Bones killed by Death Eaters Voldemort attacks Potter family, inadvertantly makes Harry a Horcrux, disappears
Minerva elected to Wizangamot
1982 Death-Eater trials begin
Amelia Bones becomes Head of Magical Law Enforcement
1983 Aurora Sinistra made Astronomy mistress
1990 Bathsheba Babbling made Ancient Runes mistress
Quirinius Quirrell made Muggle Studies master
Minerva resigns from Wizengamot
Quirinius Quirrell encounters Voldermort in Albania, is possessed by him
1991 Quirinius Quirrell made DADA master
Charity Burbage made Muggle Studies mistress
Harry Potter sorted into Gryffindor
1992 Gilderoy Lockhart made DADA master
Albus Dumbledore removed as Head, then reinstated-Minerva is Acting Head during his absence, Filius Flitwick is Acting Deputy
Ginny Weasley, under the influence of Voldemort’s diary, opens the Chamber of Secrets
1993 Rubeus Hagrid made CoMC master
Remus Lupin made DADA master
1994 Barty Crouch Jr, posing as Alastor Moody, becomes DADA master Triwizard Tournament held
Tom Riddle makes 6th Horcrux (Nagini)
1995 Dolores Umbridge made DADA mistress, High Inquisitor Voldemort returns, Albus forms 2nd Order of the Phoenix
1996 Albus Dumbledore removed as Head, later reinstated
Dolores Umbridge made Acting Head, later removed
Firenze named Divination master
Severus Snape made DADA master
Horace Slughorn made Potions master
Amelia Bones killed by Death Eaters Minerva stunned 4 times by Aurors
Dumbledore finds, destroys ring Horcrux, is cursed
1998 Minerva McGonagall made Acting Head Harry Potter kills Voldemort Battle of Hogwarts
Filius Flitwick & Arthur Weasely elected to Wizengamot
1999 Minerva McGonagall made Head
Filius Flitwick made Deputy
Death-Eater trials begin
War Crimes Tribunal exhonorates Snape
Minerva awarded Order of Merlin, 1st Class

21st Century

Date Hogwarts Births Deaths Events
2005 Septima Vector named Deputy Rita Skeeter publishes Minerva McGonagall: Heroine or Hussy?
2006 Rita Skeeter sentenced to 5 years in Azkaban for being unregistered Animagus
2017 Minerva McGonagall retires
Septima Vector named Head
Neville Longbottom named Herbology master

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